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Morning everyone,

Mayor Benjamin here, I hope everyone woke up well this morning after the bad storm we had last night. We are living in Cork and we have had a very rough night, but i know the west of the country was much worse off than us.

Anyway, i have not had much time to post news in the last week because here at the Teddy Bear Village we are preparing to send some of our teddy friends to new homes.  Yesterday, today and Monday next we are bidding a bitter-sweet farewell to lots of our teddy friends travelling to Australia, some are going to Perth, Melbourne and Sydney to name a couple. Others are going to Europe and some to the USA. It is great for some of the teddies going to Australia as this is their summer time, they might be lying by the pool, those teddies going to Europe and USA might try some skiing for the first time, we are excited for their new adventures.

I say bitter-sweet because they will be missed here in the Village but we are happy they are going to lovely new homes. It is my responsibility to send them to loving homes.

I am hoping that they will send over some news and photos to my blog when they get settled, it would be lovely to keep in touch.

I will put up some photos of the teddy bears that are going on long journeys later today, as i get them ready.

It is lunch time here in the teddy bear village now so i must go and prepare it.

Lovely to chat, have a great Saturday.

Love Benjamin.



Friday 20th November 2015

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my countdown  to Christmas blog.  We are getting busy here in the Teddy Bear Village with  just 34 sleeps to the big night, am I right? The bears are very excited about meeting all their new owners, they are getting all their packaging ready so as not to delay in reaching their new homes for Christmas. Of course they will be very sad to leave the village, after all it has been a good home to them for a while, but a new home and meeting new friends is exciting too. The village is preparing to get ready for the fairy lights and the decorations, how are you getting on, is your house decorated yet?

I will be starting to make the village Christmas cake, mince pies and Christmas biscuits tomorrow, these are for our village farewell party before teddy bears and animals leave for good.

If you have any news about your countdown to Christmas with your family please let us know, we can count down together.

Please keep in touch by emailing, (my assistant) my email is acting up so I  will be trying to fix it over the weekend.

Until I hear from you, have a beary good weekend.


Don,t forget, you don't have to buy anything just to talk to village bears and me.

Love from Benjamin xx


Benjamin Bear


If you have any news or something you would like to tell other Teddy Bear Village friends about then please email me 



Tuesday 09/10/2015

Well as you can see our new website has gone live... I hope you like it !!

Please check this page to see new updates and comments




Friday 05/10/2015

I found this video on youtube.. think I know some of these guys




Thursday 04/10/2015

For Jane Murphy who is having his birthday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE :)